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Its content is out of date and almost all of the advice in the guide does not apply anymore. Consult a new trainer if you are interested in getting the most out of this game. History Stronghold: Crusader 1.1 is a compilation of the Stronghold: Crusader trainer by SlickParry, with the help of some others, fixing many of the bugs and adding/updating information that the original version did not provide. The trainer was released on the Newgrounds Game Jam 2014. About Stronghold Crusader is an addictive strategy/RPG hybrid by the American developer Stronghold. The game is a mix of strategy elements and time-management genres with RPG elements. Features Fight your way to conquer the fantasy world of Desolac by building and expanding your Stronghold to protect it from evil invaders Travel to other dimensions and expand your Stronghold in those other dimensions as well Eliminate enemy forces using a selection of weapons and magic. Conquer multiple levels of game play with different scenarios and enemies Guide You are a power-hungry ruler of a mercenary army defending the Kingdom of Desolac against the enemies of your kingdom. You are to take over the castle of your ruler who abandoned his position. You have been sent to the garrison in this castle. Do not let your guard down! Keyboard Shortcuts F3 - Toggle Help WindowF7 - Load your save fileF9 - Save your current game How to Install The above installer is a pure standalone game trainer that does not require any additional program to run. Just select the game to install, double-click the installer and start playing. Requirements The installer itself does not need anything additional. However, as a prerequisite the game you wish to use the trainer with must be installed and it must be able to be run with modded startup files. 1. Install Stronghold Crusader from Steam.2. Launch the game.3. Go to Options > Gameplay.4. Uncheck "Suspend when in background."5. Click "Save settings."6. Exit the game.7. Launch the game again.8. Go to Options > Gameplay.9. Uncheck "Suspend when in background."10. Click "Save settings."11. Exit the game.12. Launch the game again. How to Create Trainer 1. Install Stronghold Crusader.2. Launch the game

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